Moxy Xtreme Hold and Braid & Shine Gel 16oz



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Moxy Xtreme Hold Braid & Shine Gel makes styling easy when every hair needs to be a place. It is a slightly sticky jail created for gripping and maneuvering hair Marula oil is a key ingredient that moisturizes and repairs the hair while preventing frizz. So create neat intricate braids with a perfectly polished finish.


  • Lightweight, absorbs quickly
  • Soft manageable gel for easy braiding
  • Sleek finish with mesmerizing natural shine


Rich in vitamin C and E, protective antioxidants that nourish and add moisture to the hair follicles. Repairs damaged hair and prevent split ends. It helps balance your hairs natural oils and both hydrate and protect the scalp against free radicals. Also Read: Solar Panel Cleaning in San Diego


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