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Our Mission

Salon Essentials LLC is a Design Essentials Wholesaler/Distributor serving the entire state of Louisiana and Southern Mississippi. We are committed to getting stylists their products in the most efficient and cost effective way possible. We love satisfying our customers.

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Meet The Owner

Meet Dana Jones, a black owned independent distributer for Salon Essentials since 2017 in Louisiana and Mississippi markets. With a master’s in business administration and over 15 years in customers and service and management, Dana thrives on principles that promote, knowledge and communication, and consistency. Dana’s ultimate ambition of creating and experience that provide clients a quality service with quality products in their daily operations. From second-to-none customer services, operation with 3 employees to provide fast delivery, Dana and his team understands the value of following through with commitments and longstanding relationships. Solar Panel Cleaning in San Diego

Above all connecting and partnering with business owners has allowed Dana and his team to became successful and reputable. All are professionally educated, while staying connected to the cosmetology and retail industries to stay on the cutting edge trends of supply and demands.

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