Design Essentials Scalp & Skin Care Collection
In regards to the best care for your scalp and skin, try our Design Essentials Scalp and Skin Care Collection.

Start by treating your hair and skin with Design Essentials Oil Hair and Body Moisturizer, which adds moisture to your dry and dull hair and body, making it feel refreshed and soft. 

For your scalp, our collection of design essentials scalp oils not only moisturizes your hair but also soothes dry scalp and discomfort. Plus, our Design Essentials Hair Oil makes your hair silky, bouncy, and full of life.

Moreover, for the issue of an itchy or irritated scalp, use our Therapeutics Anti-Itch Hair & Scalp Treatment to ease your dry, itchy scalp and manage irritation and flaking.

Now, you can welcome healthier, happier hair and skin with Design Essentials.

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