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The Design Essentials® African Chebe Braid and Twist Styling Creme produce high-definition coils and twist-outs that are smooth, soft, and lustrous, whether you braid it in or twist it out.

Chebe powder, African botanicals, and sunflower oil are combined in this leave-in therapy to produce firm, moisturized, and gorgeous hair with clearly defined coils and no frizz.


  • A medium to firm grip is provided by our premium hair twist cream.
  • Our Chebe hair cream prevents frizz without leaving behind residue
  • This twist cream improves the definition of curls and coils.
  • This twisting hair cream is devoid of silicones, petrolatum, gluten, parabens, and mineral oil.

Key Ingredients

  • SUNFLOWER OIL: Provides protection, hydration, softness, and shine.
  • AFRICAN EXTRACT: Our hair-twisting cream includes important antioxidants that nourish the hair and scalp.
  • CHEBE POWDER: The best product for twist-out since it strengthens the hair and encourages development.

How to use

  1. Use the Anti-Breakage Moisturizing Leave-In Conditioner to prepare hair.
  2. To clean, damp hair, add styling crème and comb through from roots to ends.
  3. As desired, braid, twist, or fingerstyle using portions.
  4. Hair can be dried naturally or using a diffuser.


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