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Wave By Design® Crème Rearranger Professional Strength is an ammonium thioglycolate multi-purpose straightener. (Step 1 of 3 in the Permanent Wave System)

  • Gently relaxes the hair’s natural curl pattern
  • Single strength formula (maximum) can work on all hair textures
  • Enriched with moisturizers to ensure hair is well conditioned

Step 1: Place Design Essentials® Calm Soothing Scalp Protection around the hairline to protect the skin and Restore on previously curled hair up to the line of demarcation
Step 2: Section the hair into four sections
Step 3: Apply Wave By Design® Professional Strength Rearranger to new growth or to virgin hair, beginning with the area with the tightest curl pattern
Step 4: Allow Rearranger to remain on the hair for ten minutes. Check every 5 minutes until hair has been evenly straightened. (A plastic cap may be used during processing)
Step 5: Rinse hair thoroughly with tepid water until hair is free of all chemical residue. Towel blot.

– For Curls: Section hair in preparation for rodding with Wave Booster
– For Straight: Follow with Wave Lock Neutralizer


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